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Thank you for visiting us. We are a 100% Filipino-owned company. We are engaged in the distribution of fast-moving consumer goods since 1997. We are also active in the trading business.
We  celebrated our 23rd Year Anniversary  in April 16, 2020. We continue to serve our trade partners during this period of Covid-19 pandemic. Please stay safe!

Our Vision 2025:

We are an innovator in the FMCG distribution industry! 

Our Mission:
     We Commit :
  • lto provide a cost-efficient and effective distribution and third party logistics services and a    productive trading business to our suppliers 
  • lto make the distribution and placement of our suppliers’ products number 1 in our areas of coverage
  • lto make our customers   happy and loyal by providing them  fast, accurate and timely delivery of profitable and quality products, and by helping them increase their business
  • lto create employment and business opportunities especially in the areas where we operate
  • lto help alleviate the living standards of our employees
  • lto ensure business viability and provide fair returns to our stockholders and business partners
  • lto have a team of competent, disciplined,happy and inspired people with strong sense of values for integrity, teamwork, trust and respect for each other, for superiors and for our suppliers and customers

New Principal: Mega Global makers of Mega Sardines, Mega Tuna and Mega Creations

New Product
Vigormin Home Septic Tank Cleaner

Vigormin Pozo Negro Cleaner
Vigormin Panglinis ng Pozo Negro.Pangtanggal ng mabahong amoy at panglinis ng mga dumi sa wastewate

Please kindly like our fb page: Vigormin-Home. Vigormin 1 kilo pack for Home Septic Tank Wastewater Cleaner is now available at all San Roque Supermarkets and Handyman. Available soon in Puregold and selected Supermarkets. Available also online via Lazada and Shopee. 

For inquiries or sales order, please email us at:


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