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Please have a glimpse of our product lines. Please check in often because this is also your window to the websites of our business partners namely: Mondelez Phils., Century Pacific Food Inc, Peerless Products Mfg. Corp., Peerless Lion Corp., HDR Foods, Ajinomoto Phils., Cignal TV Inc., Tastyfood Industries-Vitamax and Milcu Powder Deodorant.


Kraft Foods Phils.,Inc., awarded to us in March 01, 2007 the distributorship of their dairy, powdered juice, biscuits and coffee products under Kraft, Tang, Oreo, Chips Ahoy and Maxwell Brands for the primary, secondary and tertiary accounts, in Manila, Quezon City and CAMANAVA areas. Kraft and Tang brands are the market leaders in their categories in the Philippines. Sales roll-out started on April 2, 2007. We are committed to give the same excellent service that we are providing to our existing clients in the area. To Kraft  products, welcome aboard!!! 

We were appointed by Peerless Products Mfg. Corp. (PPMC) as their distributor in Quezon City, Marikina, San Mateo, Montalban, Pasig, Makati, Mandaluyong & San Juan areas starting July 1, 2006. PePMaCo is the maker of "Champion" brand of detergent bar and powder...a 27-year old brand and the #1 local brand in Northern Luzon and Visayas.
In October 2013, PPMC launch their new product lines of Hair Care (Hana Brand) and Oral Care (Systema Brand) under Peerless Lion Corp., a joint venture company between PPMC and Lion Corp. of Japan. 
To Champion, Hana and Systema products, welcome aboard!!!

Mother's Best Products

Our coverage includes Quezon City, San Mateo,Montalban, Marikina and Pasig areas. Mother's Best is the flagship brand of HDR Foods Corporation. We've been HDR Foods business partner since March 2008 covering the primary, secondary and tertiary accounts. We have since grown the customers base and volume for their products.

"We disengaged with this business in August 20, 2009 due to territorial and viability issues" 
SunCellular Electronic Loads/Callcards/Simpacks

Our coverage includes Quezon City, San Mateo and Montalban areas. We've been Digitel Mobile Phils. business partner since its launch in March 2003. We have since exponentially grown the subscribers base and volume for their products.

We disengaged the Partnership in February 2008 due to viability issues
CIIF Oil Mills Group

San Pablo Manufacturing Corporation

San Pablo Manufacturing Corporation, a subsidiary company of CIIF Oil Mills Group, awarded to us in March 2006 the distributorship of their cooking oil and margarine products under Minola Brand for the secondary and tertiary accounts, in Quezon City, CAMANAVA, Marikina, San Mateo & Montalban areas. Minola cooking oil is the market leader in the Philippines. We are committed to give the same excellent service that we are providing to our existing clients in the area. To Minola products, welcome aboard!!! 

"We have disengaged in June 30, 2016 due to viability reasons."
Century Pacific Food Inc. (formerly Century Pacific Group)
Century Pacific Group


Century Pacific Group (CPG) awarded to us in July 2005 the distributorship of their products under Century Canning Corp., The Pacific Meat Company, Inc., Columbus Seafoods Corp., Inc., & Snow Mountain Dairy Corp. for the market stalls, groceries, convenience stores, sarisari stores and other tertiary accounts, in Quezon City, CAMANAVA, Marikina, San Mateo & Montalban areas. CPG owns the leading brands Century Tuna, Argentina Corned Beef, 555 Sardines/Carne Norte, & Angel Evaporated Milk & Birch Tree Milk Powder.

New Partnership
for Institutional

SFC has signed a new distribution agreement with Ajinomoto Philippines Corp. (APC) to distribute its products under its food service division Ajinomoto Caterserve  for the institutional accounts namely;hotels,restaurants,catering service companies,golf courses,school canteens and other institutional outlets. Coverage area includes Makati,Manila and CAMANAVA. Sales roll-out starts on October 2, 2008. This is a new venture of SFC for this type of accounts but we are committed to give our excellent service to develop and establish a wide network for this new customers. To APC-Caterserve team, welcome aboard!!! 

New Product
Vitamax Cereal Wholegrain

Vitamax Cereal Milk Drink
Vitamax Can

Vitamax cereal milk drink is imported from Malaysia through our partnership with Tastyfood Industries of Singapore. This is the first consumer product that we imported. We envision to make this product number one in the Philippines. 

We Have Stopped this Business in May 31,2005

Anchor Liquid Milk & Powder/Butter/Cheese, Anmum/Anlene/Ucare Milk Powder, Wam Frootmilk

Our coverage includes Quezon City, San Mateo, Montalban, Mandaluyong, San Juan, and part of Manila City. We've been New Zealand Milk Phils. business partner since 2002.

Lucky Me Instant Noodles, Monde/M.Y.San Biscuits
Our coverage includes secondary and tertiary stores in Quezon City, San Mateo & Montalban. We've been Monde Nissin business partner since 1997.


We have stopped this business in June 30, 2006.

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