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Strawberry Foods Corporation

SFC Bldg., Batasan-San Mateo Road, Batasan hills, Quezon City


This building has many happy and challenging stories to tell. For seven years, we have moved our business three times, all in the ever progressive area in Quezon City. In the two previous locations, our dream of growing our business, expanding our employment, and finally moving to our permanent business location was born, realized and bore fruit. We have started and have sustained our business during the economically difficult years. In this short span of time we have built a strong business partnership with our suppliers and customers. We have earned the trust and confidence of our stockholders and financial institutions. We have developed many new friends. We have contributed in our own small way to the progress of the community where we operate and to Quezon City in general. Our dream was rekindled in our hearts following the birth of our new  vision: ”To become a major player in the distribution business in GMA and an active player in the international trading and third-party logistics business in the Philippines”.


Today, November 25th, 2004, this building is inaugurated with the presence of the Hon. Mayor of Quezon City, Feliciano “SB” Belmonte, Rev. Father….., our business partners, friends and stockholders. We offer our new home, hearth of our hopes and visions-to our business partners and the Almighty, who in His infinite kindness, continuously showers us all with His blessings and guidance.


Building on our strengths and our people, we reach out to new heights, in achieving excellent service to our business partners, with hearts unyielding and hopes undimmed. Because Strawberry Foods’ business is forever.



Board of Directors & Stockholders:




 (President & CEO)




 (Corporate Secretary)



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