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15th Year Anniversary
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To my dear co-workers of Strawberry Foods Corporation, to our Chairman of the Board,  my management team, our suppliers’ representatives, Ms. Rose Arandez, the national sales distribution manager of Kraft Foods and her team, Mr. Mark Dizon, the distribution manager of Century Pacific Group and his team, Ms. Alice Catacutan, Sales Manager of Peerless Products Manufacturing Corporation, Mr. Mario Flores, National Sales manager of HDR Foods and his team, Ms. Jonnie Javier,sales manager of Ajinomoto Philippines, Mr. Robert Galang, Vice President of Mediascape Inc and his team, Mr. Yuri Lipardo, Commercial Director of L’Oreal Phils and his team, Mr. Boying Serrano, AVP & Branch Manager of BDO Unibank and his team, Ms. Marissa Arcilla, First Vice President of Security Bank, My fellow lions from Lions Club International District 301-D2 headed by our Governor Doctor Domingo Pascual, Jr. , my fellow golfers from POGI golf club, my friends and guests, my dear wife and my wonderful children, ladies and gentlemen. Good evening.
Let me start my report with a quotation from an anonymous person, and I quote"A company that doesn't have a history may not have a future.", end of quote.
Strawberry Foods Corporation has been in existence for 15 years now and this milestone is a great cause for a big celebration. Through this past 15 years, our company bears a great responsibility of sustaining its growth, supporting the livelihood of its growing number of  employees, and helping its suppliers deliver their products to the supermarkets, groceries, market stalls, sari-sari stores and institutional accounts. We have helped the distribution industry transformed from a backyard-type operation in the 90’s to a now well-organized and efficient distribution system. We have helped our suppliers grew their business by trying out different methods and models of reaching out efficiently and productively to the ever-growing census of the retail trade universe.
Therefore, all these 15 years, Strawberry Foods Corporation has not been founded and aimed at making only optimum profit for its stockholders but also in maintaining a stable job and a stable flow of quality products from our suppliers to the retail trade outlets in our areas of operation.For this, I would like to express my sincerest thanks to the efforts of our competent, devoted, and hardworking employees. Because of your dedication and loyalty, we have reached this very important milestone in our company’s history. My sincerest thanks also to our suppliers, who have partnered with us through the years and who have given continuously their trust and confidence in our capabilities and strengths.  My bunch of thanks also to our banks who have not wavered in continuing to support our business growth and for believing in our credibility to properly handle our funds.
Moving forward to my report, I have my own version of the just concluded SONA of our President Benigno Aquino the 3rd…Our State of the Business Address! We have started our operation with only 13 employees and today, we have a strong 230 competent employees. We have helped uplift our employees’ living standards and they are now able to   support their own families and send their children to schools…and a number of them own their own motorcycles and vehicles. In recent years we have managed to replace, keep and add new suppliers to significantly increase our business and ensure the company’s sustained financial performance. Further, our efforts have led us to achieve our 2010 vision of becoming a major player in the distribution business in Metro Manila, with the big help of Kraft Foods Phils, Century Pacific Group and Peerless Products Manufacturing Corporation.
My dear co-employees, we have achieved big successes for our company for the past 15 years, however, we are in for more challenges ahead as we dreamed of Doubling our 2010 business in 2020! We have set the ambitious targets of covering the whole of Metro Manila and more bigger chain accounts. We have engaged with new suppliers with new unfamiliar territories and categories like Mediascape Inc- with their Cignal Direct-to-home satellite TV broadcast. We have partnered only last month with L’Oreal Phils for their beauty products. We just opened a new warehouse today and we will open more in the coming years to support our expansion plans. Good news also as we will hire more competent people to beef- up our capabilities. We will develop further our business relationship with our existing suppliers to keep it stronger and sustain our partnership with them.  We will add new suppliers if needed to build further our business.I am confident that with our good track record and experience in reaching this 15th Year anniversary, our team can surely surpass the challenges ahead and can look forward to achieve our 2020 Vision of Doubling our 2010 Business.
I would like to request everyone to please stand up and raise your glasses as I propose a Toast for the 15th Year Anniversary of our company. To our Chairman of the Board and my management team, please join me up here on the stage.
Happy 15th Anniversary to Strawberry Foods Corporation! More great and successful years ahead!
Cheers and Congratulations to all of us and God bless us All! Thank you!


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